The history of Amsterdam is closely related to water. Amsterdam canals are a number 1 attraction of the top things to do in Amsterdam. In the past, canals were created for more convenient trade and transport centuries ago. Most of them were built in the Dutch Golden Age, starting in 16th century for economic reasons. Although, the oldest canal – The Singel was built to protect the city from invasion from 1480 untill 1585.

Amsterdam has 165 canals

This city has 165 canals that combined together reach over 60 miles or 100km. These are more canals even than Venice.

There are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam

Another interesting fact is the Amsterdam has 1281 bridges which is more than 3 times Venice’s 409 bridges. 80 of the Amsterdam’s canals can be found within the canal ring. The most famous one is called Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge.

Amsterdam has 2500 houseboats

Most of the Amsterdam boathouses are residential but there are some are open to the public for visits or some are even turned into small hotels to rent. The wooden boats are required by law to be repaired every 3 years. Some of the boathouses are older than a century.

Canal Sightseeing

Fall in love all over again

The canal sightseeing is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the city’s sights and attractions. Most of the canal cruises are about 1 hour long and one of the top attractions to see are UNESCO protected canal ring. There is a variety of options to choose from a-hop-on-hop-off cruise that provides an opportunity to get off the boat for an attraction and come back when ready, romantic candle tours and adventurous tours. Some tours are running by night, offering a unique night-view of the city, usually lasting 1.5 – hour. Furthermore, there are candlelight cruise with drinks and a cruise with a 4-course Dinner and even a pizza dinner cruise for the lovers of pizza.